Unlock the Power of

Lifesaving Language

Thousands of residents cannot communicate

with first responders during an emergency

How will you empower

your community?

Clear course Plan

Walk non-English speaking residents through a 5-part video webinar series with translated handouts and emergency information worksheets

Relevant Language

Provide real-world phrases to teach non-English speaking residents in their native tongue, so they can confidently communicate in an emergency

Direct Marketing Guide

Marketing materials and scheduling strategy to effectively reach the target residents of non-English speaking communities

Course Host

Danielle Allen, Firefighter/Paramedic

Danielle Allen, Princeton alumna and Firefighter/Paramedic in a city where 190+ languages are spoken. In addition to her EMS background, Danielle is an educator, having taught in four countries from 2nd grade to adult. She created this course to empower the residents in her community to be able to communicate clearly during an emergency.

What People are Saying...

"We're Vietnamese, and grandma speaks very little English, but with the emergency worksheet, she was able to show the EMTs her entire medical history when I wasn't there to translate. "

Trần Nguyen

Whose life could you save?

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